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Early childhood bilingual integrated School readiness program

An overview of the program
School readiness, a team used frequently in the in pre-school and kindergarten setting, means that a child is ready to inter a social and educational based environment and to start the process of learning how to do things independently. To do this, our experienced team created a full school program which teaches the child to master all the skill needed at this critical stage of his life to be ready to enter the future formal educational environment.

What is the role of our team in school readiness program?
The role of our team is to foster learning by preparing the psychological process of learning in a more structured ( academic) and fun environment, including:

– Memory
– Organizational skills
– Social interactions
– The experimentation of new processes, such as , new, more advanced paper/pencils.

Our task
Our task is to provide school with a curriculum kit that teaches children in kindergartens all the concept and skills they need to be ready to official education complete with all materials furnished to make learning fun and exciting while developing the whole child.

Our international team
Our team member of preschool kindergarten education teachers and assistants from different parts of the world have a wonderful team spirit and are enthusiastic about teaching young children every member has an experience of more than fifteen years in teaching preschool children and enjoyed watching each child learn and grow in hisher creative way.

Series Books

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