New Announcement !

Eclipse Publishing Co. would like to announce a brand new partnership with Perfect Purity.

Today, Eclipse Publishing Co. is the sole distributor for Pearson Education US (K-12) in Jordan as a result of this partnership.


For A Better World

Eclipse Publishing came to exist in 2003 to provide a social studies curriculum that caters for the Arab World. The idea behind the series “For a Better World” is based on the Arab culture, heritage and traditions. Nevertheless, the series is also suitable for learners from different nationalities and backgrounds since it does not focus only on the Arab lifestyle, but also introduces a range of other cultures and civilizations from around the world.


Living Together

As the company seeks to develop educational programs, several publications were introduced since its establishment. In 2007 the company introduced the “Living Together” courses 1-3 to fulfill its plan to cover grades 1-9. The “Living Together” is a social studies series suitable for upper grades consist of history, geography, and global issues around the world.


Global Citizens

By the year 2009, a new series called “Global Citizen” levels 1-3 came out. A social studies series that emphasis on health education and citizenships. This series is for grades 1, 2, & 3 and can be an alternative for the same grades from the “For a Better World” series. Therefore, creating multiple social studies series will help schools choosing the curriculum that best fit its educational requirements.


Islam Is My Deen

The year 2009 has also witnessed the launching of “Islam Is My Deen”. The six-level school textbooks are based on comprehensive 6-year curriculum of Islamic Education. The curriculum covers the main aspects of Islamic Education that each Muslim should know. Upper level textbooks are in developing and should be ready in the very near time. Recently, the company introduced the series “My First Block” which is a two levels program for Kindergarten 1 & 2.


KG Program

The program consists of thirteen student books with one theme for all the topics in each program. Each series is supported with student’s workbook, teacher’s manual CD, and extra resources CD.


Road To Successs

We are the first to create a complete series of 21st-century skills; A program of eight levels built on entrepreneurship, economics, business and skills of the 21st-century. Given the statistics about unemployment rates in the MENA region, we need to educate our children in the fields of business and economics and help produce well-needed entrepreneurs who will ultimately claim responsibility for a flourishing worldwide economy to provide a better future for humanity at large. A strong world’s economy means less war, less famine, and more political stability