Global Citizens

Curriculum overview
Global citizen is a new school curriculum for the primary stages which focuses on the personal social health and citizenship education we believe that the personal and health development of each child in conjunction with their social and citizenship skill has a significant role in their ability to learn.

What dose personal, social, health and citizenship education mean?
Personal to mean the emotional and physical being of each child the social to be the interaction of each individual with others and in a wider context their place as citizen in the community and the world, health to be each child mental and physical fitness.

The curriculum objectives:
1. Raise children awareness of how to study safe and healthy.
2. Teach children that there are different kinds of responsibilities rights and duties at home at school and in the community.
3. Teach children to reflect on spiritual moral social and cultural issues using imagination to understand other peoples experiences
4. Teach children to appreciate and respect the cultural regional religious and ethnic diversity of people all over the world.
5. Teach children to prepare for changes
6. Teach children to become healthy independent and responsible members of their societies.

Curriculum main feathers
1. Suitable activities in structural contexts which enable children to practice specific skill in their daily life .
2. The integration of PSHE and citizenship in all areas of the curriculum by developing cross curricular links in particular history geography and language arts
3. Building skills activity book which focuses on vocabulary character social studies and map building skills.
4. Power point presentation
5. Teacher resource book
6. Songs and tales.

Series Books

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